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Software Description




At first look , looks like that WonderFox Document Manager is a boring kind of office software


But I found it useful for both home users and office users after reading its detailed features and abilities . But it is true that it specifically designed for office guys . I know very well that how much boring life of an office guy is ? Dealing with lengthy and boring text documents is a really annoying task.


And even it becomes more difficult , If you don’t have a software to help you to make all this a little bit easier . It doesn’t happen only in offices and other that kind of places , you may face this in your personal computer/laptop too . If you are is one of those who want to make all this easier than WonderFox Document Manager help you in this regard , after installing it you will feel a clear difference.


Searching a desired file , This is a most annoying problem , it eats up lots of precious time . And if your boss is standing on your head then it becomes almost impossible. WonderFox Document Manager helps you to make it easier . With the help of its easy to use and user friendly interface you can easily and conveniently manage or search any file on the right moment to make your boss happy.


You just have to click the “Index” or “Load New” button , and then you will get the full list of the target files. And the inner search of the WonderFox Document Manager will let you get your files instantly


It has also an advanced search ability to search your desired file instantly at the right moment without ruining precious time . Its advance search function is much better than Windows default searching ability , how ? The “Advanced Search” function helps you to search several target files (maximally 8 keywords) at one time . When you want to find some specified files among a large number of your document files, the WonderFox Document Manager will easily help you save your time and energy , there is no doubt this is a great ability.


It is recommended by computer experts that don’t avoid to backing up all your important data . But it is must for offices and other that kind of places WonderFox Document Manager is a backing up software too . You can make backup of all your important files such as word, Excel, PPT, PDF just with few clicks


At the end now a little bit about its worth mentioning File Encryption feature . With the help of this awesome security and privacy protector feature , You can easily encrypt your office documents easily to prevent accidental deletion, modification or protect your privacy . You can lock and unlock your document files, hide and un-hide your document files, encrypt and decrypt your document files according to your wish and requirements.


For more information you can visit the Homepage .

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