Get Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius Full Version For Free (Limited Time Promo)

Dear respected readers, I am quite sure today’s freebie will make your day and even I must say today’s software is for all readers who use Microsoft Windows. You must be thinking what is this?

Every Windows user is aware of “NTLDR is Missing”, “BOOTMGR is Missing” “blue screen” and other annoying errors that spoils your mood and makes you unproductive.

When it comes to the two most notorious errors called “NTLDR is Missing”, “BOOTMGR is Missing” “blue screen”, Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius will make you pleased. Yeah! you are aforementioned errors does not allow you access Windows and if you have some important data on C drive, then you have to call a technician to recover your important data stored in C drive.

If you don’t have any important data, then you can do a clean installation of Windows. But In all these situations, Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius will rescue you without having to call a technician or installing new Windows.
Windows Boot Genius is integrated with the latest Microsoft WinPE technology and it is capable of boot up computer fix all booting issues such as Blue/black screen, crash, freeze, etc. And as well as it helps you troubleshoot the corrupt Windows system. You can create a bootable CD/DVD/USB flash/SD card/external hard drive and then in case, you can boot the program directly from that bootable device. And the good thing is that you don’t need to have an extra burner software, actually it comes packed with a built-in CD/DVD burner.
You are able to backup and restore files and even whole Windows
It lets you repartition Hard drive.
You recover important data from crashed computer/laptop.
First-time and experienced both computer/laptop users can fix all booting problems with ease.
You can learn more at the Homepage.

Get Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius Full Version For Free (Limited Time Promo)

This useful piece of software can be used with all Microsoft Windows versions and this program is a paid program and 110$ is the normal price for Windows Boot Genius by Tenorshare.
But for the next 48 hours, every interested users can get it for free. You can a download pre atcivated
 copy of Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius from here.

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