Steganos Safe 16 With Genuine Serial Number For Free (Limited Time Promo)

Steganos Safe 16 is one of the best available perfect solutions for those who love their privacy as every computer user have sensitive and private data, It may be a family photo and video collection, business/financial documents and many other things. And today’s freebie news is that now interested Windows users can acquire Steganos Safe 16 an ultimate secure data storage solution original worth $39.95 for free.
This useful piece of software is developed to encrypt digital data stored on the hard drive in the shape of Encrypted virtual safes. And the best thing is that it can be performed on local hard drives, external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD memory cards and Dropbox is also supported by this useful program.
Encrypted virtual safes has enough foolproof ability protect photos, music, movies, documents and even nearly all types sensitive data stored on a computer/laptop’s hard drive.
You can create unlimited Encrypted virtual safes and the size limit is up to 1 Terabyte. By using the practical slide control, Later on you are allowed to extend the size of an Encrypted virtual safe.
You might be wondering, How does it protect our private data? Actually you set a strong password to your Encrypted virtual safes and no one cab access your data without entering correct password.
One of the most useful features is that This Windows program truly protects your confidential data from hackers, prying eyes and other cyber criminals thanks to its highly secure encryption technology.
A USB flash/memory can be set as the key to your safe. Your virtual vault closes as soon as you remove it.
You can visit the Homepage to explore more features. By the way, Version 17 is an old version, Version 17 has been released some time ago.

Get Steganos Safe 16 With Genuine Serial Number For Free (Limited Time Promo)

Steganos Safe 16 is a paid program but the freebie news is that there is a promo going on which makes anyone to grab it for free.
Visit the promo page and submit your email address to get a serial number in your mailbox.
You can download Steganos Safe 16 from here
Could not grab this deal ? Then use its free trial click here to download.

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