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WordPress and Blogger.Com are always favorite blogging platforms of webmasters and bloggers . Especially WordPress is always the first and only priority of professional bloggers and webmasters . Blogger.Com is fit for new and inexperienced bloggers . There is another very nice and free blogging software available to use in the market . Joomla is another great blogging platform but bloggers and webmasters don’t use it as much as it deserves .
I always used to think that Joomla has not enough features to attract bloggers and webmasters . But now , after testing Joomla on localhost , I realized that I was totally wrong . Joomla is not less than WordPress in any way . Its Dashboard , Modules , Templates and post editor are awesome , easy to use and user friendly .
That’s why , Now , I am a big fan of Joomla . Dear respectable readers luckily , Today , I have a very beautiful gift for Joomla bloggers and webmasters . Today’s gift is Skywalker – Powerful Template for Joomla! worth 40$ from team . This is May’s 2013 giveaway from . First see a demo of this great piece of art by clicking here .

Some key features of Skywalker – Powerful Template for Joomla!

Unique, XHTML valid and typographically consistent design.
Skitter Slider the best javascript based slider for Joomla!.
K2 Content Component used for the Blog Page.
GK News Show Pro with awesome styling.
Ajax search with awesome styling.
The Piecemaker 2 – my own extension, the smartest out there.
DNP Tabs – my own smart tabs module for Joomla!, light and very easy to use.
Simple Blank Module – my own extension for using custom code snipets.
Google Maps Plugin support.
Custom Form Elements – another unique feature powered by CSS3 & jQuery, to add more style to your checkboxes, radio boxes and select elements.
DNP White Social Icons – Custom Social Icons to match the template design.
Link Cooltips – hovering links the titles look great finally.
8 styles based on beautiful colors: turquoise blue, green, orange, yellow, red, purple, magenta, grey.
Fullscreen Background Images with AJAX load.
Custom error and offline pages.
Beautiful CSS3 powered typography with price tables, bubbles, blockquotes, lists and everything you need for your content.
30+ Module Positions on 3 very flexible desktop layouts.
jQuery 1.7 minimized included & running in “no-conflict” mode for various template features and your code snipets.
Mobile Ready Layouts – reforged of course – demo here
Smooth scroll to top – a unique feature that can be used to create navigation for one page website.
A new Tools top panel jQuery powered easy to customize for your needs.
Various code snipets with the Joomla! 2.5 Quickstart
Automatic Adjustments to enhance template typography
Complete Documentation
Forum Support
Friendly Administration Panel: now you can do everything inside the module, without having to do XML editing.
SEO Friendly: the new built in functions fixes images links automatically.
Multi-slide: for each slide you can set 3 animations, one for the main image, and 2 more sequences.
Progress bar with all possible positioning presets.
Play/pause button with all possible positioning presets.
Various navigation options (menu, dots, thumbs) with all possible positioning presets.
Slide preview for dots navigation.
Keyboard Keys Navigation.
XML load capability for more than 10 slides or more than 1kb slides content.
38+ animation types for slide image.
CSS3 animations for slide content with randomize options.
8 animation types for slide descriptions.
Stops on mouse hover.
Stops on window focus out to save CPU power UNIQUE.
Unlike others, this baby is cross browser compatible, does not crash on window resize and really is the best!

For more information and features Please visit the Homepage

(Expired)Get Skywalker – Powerful Template for Joomla! For Free

The normal price of Skywalker – Powerful Template for Joomla! is 40$ but you can get it for free till 31 May 2013 .

You need an account on Themeforest , If you have already an account , Sign in and otherwise you can make a free account by clicking here , After registration process , Visit this giveaway page and download it for free .

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