How To Crack Windows Password With UUkeys Windows Password Mate?

It is not a difficult task to crack the password for Windows computers when you have the best password unlocking software. There is no need to reinstall the operating system on the computer when people use such programs. The best part about such software is that they do not harm the data of the system in any manner and this is a huge advantage when you have important documents stored in the computer.





Is It Possible To Crack The Password You Forgot Or Don’t Know?



The answer is YES! 

If you have a working software then It does not take much time to get the task completed and everything can be set right within a matter of a few hours. The unlocking software will first detect the existing password folder in the computer and erase them so that you can create a new password and gain access to your Windows-powered PC.

UUkeys Windows Password Mate is one of the best software available in the market to unlock windows computers and users can easily use UUkeys Windows Password Mate in different versions of windows system.









  • Users have the option of using the CD drive or the USB drive to access the computer
  • It is 100% virus free and there is no need to worry about your system getting damaged
  • It works effectively on Windows 7,8,10, XP and Vista
  • Users can also unlock Windows servers 2008, 2003 and 2012







  • It is compatible with different models of desktops and laptops available in the market
  • Works effectively on different hard drives like SCSI, IDE and SATA
  • It is very easy to reset the password on the windows computer
  • Users do not need technical expertise to use the program






  • The trial version has only limited use
  • Does not work effectively with NTFS format drives







UUkeys Windows Password Mate has many advantages when compared with other programs like Ophcrack that also accomplish similar tasks. It is observed that Ophcrack is not so effective when it comes to handling windows servers and users may not get satisfactory results. However, the UUkeys Windows Password Mate has the best performance even with windows server computers. On the other hand, programs like Lazesoft need to be installed on the computer before users can utilize the complete features of the program. But the UUkeys Windows Password Mate can easily work even from the USB drive and it does not need any installation on the target computer.




How to use UUkeys Windows Password Mate?



  • Download the software


This is the first step and users need to download the program and install it on the existing working computer. Once this is done, the ISO file of the program has to be burned on the CD or DVD drive. Alternatively, users can also choose the USB pen drive for this task. The only thing that needs to be taken care of in this situation is to ensure that the drive has a minimum of 300 MB free space so that the program can work effectively. Once the burning process is complete, the password recovery disk is ready to be used on the locked system.



  • Use the recovery disk


The next step is to plug the USB drive that contains the recovery ISO file onto the target computer. Before this, the BIOS settings have to be altered so as to allow first preference to boot from the USB drive. This process bypasses the normal booting method and the system will first access the recovery disk program on the USB drive before reaching the hard drive of the computer. In this way, the computer will not ask for the password and instead load the recovery file on the USB drive.



  • Reset the password



After this is done, the computer has to be rebooted so that the program can begin its work. Users will be notified about all the user accounts on the windows system in the first step. After selecting the suitable account to be unlocked, users can click the reset button on the bottom of the wizard and this will remove the existing password from the system. In this manner, it is possible to gain access to the locked system.









This simple process helps users in many ways and there is no need to panic when the system gets locked due to invalid password. Without risking any data in the computer, the password can be easily reset using third party programs like UUkeys Windows Password Mate and this is the major advantage of using such programs on windows computers. Everything can be completed within a short duration and this gives easy access to the locked computers.

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