Get Avira Secure Backup With 5GB Cloud Storage For Free

Get Avira Secure Backup With 5GB Cloud Storage For Free
It is said that there is no place in the world where you can save your all important data permanently . I found it true , Our computer/laptop’s hard disk is a really unpredictable thing it can be corrupted at any time and all data including images , text , videos etc. Gets ruined . Making back up on CDs and DVDs , Well , this method is good for a short time but not good for long time period . Actually a Cd or Dvd disk is a very sensitive thing and it gets scratched . And the rest is USB flash , everybody knows about its credibility .
There is another method named cloud storage , Although It is not 100% safe place to store all important data it is much better and safer than our computer/laptop’s hard drive , CDs and DVDs etc . Cloud storage is also a much better place in terms of security and privacy .

There are several cloud storage service provider websites available on the internet such as Google Drive and Dropbox etc . All cloud storage service provider websites offer disk space at different prices but as well as they offer free disk space like 2GB , it depends on cloud storage service provider website . It is enough for personal use but if you want to use it for commercial purposes then you will have to pay some bucks .
I have found a very good news , As all we know that Avira is a very prominent and trusted name in the world of antivirus and other security products making industry . Avira also provides one of the world’s best and secured cloud storage service . And the good news is that Avira is offering 5GB cloud storage for free . So before grabbing this offer , Let’s read about its abilities and features .
The very first thing that I found in it , It has a powerful encryption technology , this technology makes your security and privacy secure . You can set a password on your desired or all folders , no one can access them without entering correct  password .
Avira Secure Backup has a so easy to use and user friendly interface , both novice and experienced computer/laptop users can preserve all important data , you upload a single file or a whole folder with the help of its easy to use interface . Its user interface is based on drag and drop ideology . It also has Automatic Backup ability . You can turn on this feature if you want and then it automatically will back up your files in cloud storage .
Suppose , you are out of your home and you need an important file , definitely you will have to go home to get your desired file . But you will never face such problem if you have uploaded your data in the Avira Secure Backup . You can get access to your data at anytime and anywhere . You just need an internet connection to do so . Avira Secure Backup is supported on PC, Mac and has apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices .
And as well as you can share your data with your friends , family members and colleagues . There is no need to upload large file in every email attachment. Just share your uploaded file’s link (images , videos , text files etc.) and that’s all .
(Expired)Get Avira Secure Backup With 5GB Cloud Storage For Free

Avira offers 5GB of space , in this 5GB space you can save 2,500 images , 1,250 audio files and 6 hours videos and as well as unlimited text files . If you refer it to your friends and your friend sign up then you will get extra 500MB disk space for free and by doing so you can earn 10 GB of disk space for free . You can easily achieve this goal with the help Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus and other social networking websites .

You can visit the Product page to get more information and grab 5GB of cloud storage for free .

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