Avanquest LogoMaker 3 Free Download With Serial Key

LogoMaker 3 Free Download With Serial Key

A business or product is considered incomplete without having a relevant logo or trademark . This is why wiser and professional minded guys always emphasis to get an attractive but relevant logo or trademark . But many of us skip this crucial to do think , It has several reasons but idleness is one of the main reasons . And there is another reason too . You need to be an expert in graphic or logo designing , If you don’t find yourself good at it then you will have to hire a graphic or logo designer by spending some bucks to design a logo for your blog , website , business and product etc. But the problem is that every one can not afford it .

But thanks to programmers and software developers that make things easier for us , There are numerous well known logo maker softwares available on the internet and you can use them forever by spending some bucks . LogoMaker 3 by studio-v5.com is one of the best available logo making or logo designing software . You can make yourself awesome , relevant and stylish logos without hiring someone . And the best thing is that LogoMaker 3 is today’s freebie from studio-v5.com . Though LogoMaker 3 is an old version and LogoMaker 4 has been released but it is still very useful . So respectable before grabbing this great freebie , let’s read what it has special ?
LogoMaker 3 has really an easy to use and has a user friendly interface and both professional  and novice can easily design an attractive and relevant logo alike . LogoMaker 3 enables you design three logo types , classic logo, 3D Logo and animated logo . It has over 3000 professionally designed logo templates which are categorized by industry and interest , you just need to pick up a template and if you are not satisfied with them then you are able to modify as per your needs and interest . You are fuzzy and don’t know that where to start from ? Then you can utilize 10,000 plus objects and shapes for making logos .
You are also able to add your own preferred shapes and objects . As well as you can design your own . It has an easy to use graphical engine for image and text manipulation which is based on drag & drop, scale, rotate, align, groups, layers etc. A logo without text is considered incomplete . It has 50 plus effects for object and text editing: Transparency, Brightness, Blur, Gradient, Jitter, Pixelate, Sharp, Water, Mirror, Plastics, Depth, Glow, Metallic, Bump and 3D text and shapes as well .
After designing and getting everything as per your wish , You are able to export your designed logo in several image formats e.q PDF, JPG, TIF, GIF, Flash and other file formats .
The Homepage is a best place to get more information about it .

Get Avanquest LogoMaker 3 With Legal Serial Key For Free

LogoMaker 3 is normally available priced at $29.99 per license or serial key but through a giveaway you can grab its full version for free .

Download LogoMaker 3 from here and install .

Visit the Giveaway page , page is in German but don’t worry , We can use Google translator . Submit your email , first and last name and select your country name and click “Hier erhalten sie ihre seriennummer”

And visit your mailbox and validate your registration . After doing so you will get a free serial key .

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