AutoQ3D CAD Full Version For Free (Windows/Linux) Official Promo

AutoQ3D CAD Full Version For Free (Windows/Linux) Official Promo
I am quit positive freebie that I’ve chosen to share will be very useful piece of software for those creative and talented who can’t afford to buy highly expensive CAD and 3D programs. gives away AutoQ3D CAD normal worth 30$, Every Windows and Linux users can acquire it for free for a limited period. So before giving you promo link, I would like to write a few lines about it for those who are not familiar with it.

AutoQ3D CAD is best known for its easy to use interface, in other words, you don’t need to be a CAD software expert to design 3D modeling and texturing. Using its hassle and complexity-free sketching and drawing tools, a Windows/Linux and mobile user can design 2D and 3D CAD with a with a convenient and intuitive workspace like a professional sketcher, architect, engineers etc, who even don’t know the ABC of CAD software.

Drawing Tools

Line, Circle, Rectangle, Arc, Polygon, Text, Triangles, Grouping, Distance, Area and others.

Editing Tools

Move, Scale, Stretch, Rotate, Array, Mirror and others

Preset Views 

Top, Front, Rigth, Bottom, Back, Left, Isometric and others

View Tools 

Wireframe, smooth and hide lines mode,Rotate View, Zoom, Pan and others

Modifying Tools

Trim, Fillet, Offset, Extend, Explode, Slice, Texture UV and others

Snap Tools 

Endpoint, Midpoint, Nearest, Intersection, Center, Grid and others
And when it comes to compatibility issues, AutoQ3D CAD supports native 3DQ, STL, OBJ, DXF and other file types.

(Expired)Get AutoQ3D CAD Full Version (Windows/Linux) Official Promo charges 30$ for Autoq3d Cad, But for promotion purposes, they are giving it away. Windows and Linux users can get it for free.
You need your email address, Twitter and Facebook accounts to grab it for free, Like their official FB and Tweet it to your Twitter profile and then submit the link you shared. Here you go (skip the ad) and follow the instructions.
You can download it from here (skip the ad)

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